verbal (plural verbals)

  1. (grammar) a verb form which does not function as a predicate, or a word derived from a verb. In English, infinitives, participles and gerunds are verbals.
  2. a verbal statement, especially a damaging admission, alleged to have been made by a suspect, and given in evidence at a trial
  3. (slang) (usually in the plural, preceded by to give) verbal abuse, grief, nagging
    Fred gave the ref serious verbals over that penalty.

6 letters in word "verbal": A B E L R V.

No anagrams for verbal found in this word list.

Words found within verbal:

ab able abler ae al alb albe ale ar arb are arle ave aver ba bael bal bale baler bar bare be bear bel blae blaer blare blear bra brae brave ea ear earl el er era la lab laer lar lare lav lave laver lea lear lev leva rale rave ravel re real reb rev vae vale var vare veal vela velar vera verb